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Steve Butler
Steve Butler is the author of How To Fix Carpal Tunnel, How To Fix Stiff Joints and How To Conquer Arthritis. He is the Founder of Steve’s Health Answers, an organisation dedicated to helping improve joint problems using natural approaches. He has also created the Clicking Joints Seminar programme, the first event of its kind to help remove problems with clicking and painful joints.

Steve began his research into joint problems in his 20’s, when he damaged his own joints through a mixture of martial arts and a cycling accident. Discovering that Doctors were unable to offer little more than pain relief, he sought other approaches to repair his joints. Steve conducted over 25 years of extensive research into different healing systems as well as consulting with experts from around the world.

Through his books, videos and indeed personally, Steve has reached out and helped thousands of people to recover from or reduce their joint problems. One of his key discoveries is that it is possible to repair and regenerate joints. Many Doctors flatly deny this, disregarding the overwhelming scientific evidence that suggests otherwise.

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How to fix carpal tunnel

How To Fix Carpal Tunnel

Is it possible to fix Carpal Tunnel without resorting to injections and  dangerous surgery?

"I perform Steve’s recommended exercises on a daily basis and I am delighted to say that there has been a vast improvement"

Professor Peter Summerfield UK

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Chinese Mobility Secrets

How To Eliminate Stiff Joints

Do your joints ache and feel stiff every morning? Is it getting harder to bend over to pick up items on the floor or to tie your shoes up? Did you know that nearly 27 million Americans suffer from the same problem?

 if you’re ready rise up to a whole new level of health and vitality, this is the easiest way to do it.

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