arthritis supplements
arthritis care for dogs other than Rimadyl?

Lab 8 yo with arthritis. Rimadyl for about 6-7 weeks. slight change. thought want drs. fosters and smith joint care supplement. any consideration of dogs with arthritis and its management so they can take walks daily again? it can only make 5 houses on the street, then turn back because his back legs are stiff by this point.

Rimadyl does not kill dogs when used properly, but it is not good for those with liver problems, and over time can cause problems liver. It is also dangerous if overdosed and requires hospitalization. There are other anti-inflammatory drugs, you can get with your veterinarian. There are literally dozens of them that are used for minor joint pain. Use of aspirin Long term is generally not recommended because it can cause anemia in some patients. Drugs such as Tylenol man does are almost never recommended because they can cause toxicity problems in animals. There are supplements that can be used. You must keep in mind that there are painkillers and drugs that try to keep the joints lubricated. You can not buy unless analgesics you go to a veterinarian, but things like glucosamine and Cosequin or even shark cartilage are used to Supprts joints and keep them lubricated. This can help relieve pain because the joints are healthy, but if your dog is in enough pain that he refuses to get up, then an NSAID could be better. Ask your veterinarian what is the best choice. It may tell you to take an extra one to keep around just in NSAID If your pet is in pain, but does not need it every day.

Supplements for Arthritis (Health Tip)

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