spinal arthritis

For many older people who suffer from spinal arthritis feel very debilitated. Most people with this disease are older, but there are younger people who have already been hit by some form of severe arthritis little cord. This type of arthritis has many symptoms and most of them are related pain. Often these young people in a mild but progress over the years.

When you receive diagnosed with spinal arthritis there is no reason for alarm when it is not life threatening or dangerous. The biggest problem would be that, when the mobility of the person who hears this diagnosis will become increasingly difficult and painful. This is done over the years, analgesics will be stronger and stronger.

What are the causes

There are not many kinds of this type of arthritis, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and arthritis of the facet joints. The causes are most common for this type of spine is a disease from succumbing to wear, which is related to age, the cartilage of the spine, normal aging and damage to bone. This last question may then proceed to cause bone strawberries can be very painful.

The cartilage spine are due wear down and this leads to friction of the cartilage, but also pain, swelling, loss of movement and inflammation. When arthritis is due to spinal osteoporosis, it will be mostly focused on the neck region of the lower back. This type will become as we age and often starts with some pain in the spine and lower back. As the cartilage becomes increasingly degenerate it will start to be a increase the friction between them. Morning and evening are the times of day when pain will be more.

Old age is the biggest cause of arthritis in spin, but a poor diet is another. Most people focus too much on their bodies when it comes to their food and therefore neglecting the health of bones and cartilage in general.

Some symptoms

The pain, joint stiffness, swelling, feeling as if the bones rub together, numbness, deformity of the spine and reduced agility are some of the symptoms you will see this form Arthritis in the spine and are very similar to what other forms of this disease can occur.

There are still people who think that cold weather can aggravate arthritis cord, but there is not much data on it is therefore difficult to draw or is it a myth. If you really want to reduce this disease you need to drink plenty of fat skimmed milk or not. Another thing do is to use calcium supplements but be careful because sometimes they can have an adverse effect. Ask your doctor about what these are and if you take it or not.

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