arthritis charity
Who else is tired of fake profiles of celebrities myspace?

I am a user of MySpace long time and last year, I was helping to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation. I thought it would be so cool to try to get some celebrities concerned. Many celebrities have a voice that people listen to so many of them involved in all kinds of organisms charitable. I decided to go on MySpace to see who I could find. To my surprise every time I entered a name of a celebrity, 6 to 10 pages would pop up. Then came the hardest part to try to understand these 10 pages that the profile was real and that we was not. I think MySpace should do something about it. Many people are mistaken in thinking that they speak with or to their favorite celebrity, when in reality it could be the next person shop online for all they know. I honestly think that MySpace is contributing to identity theft.

Yeah there are so many counterfeiters is stupid … it's actually scary how realistic some pages look though. I am a big fan Dougie Poynter and he used to have an official page, but it was closed due to piracy. there's still loadsa of persons claiming to be him, but they have all these images, including photos of children, which makes it look as if she really was. I think myspace attempt to resolve the problem by cons. I know that on top of McFly, they posted a blog alerting people that there is only one official page mcfly because loads of girls have been talking to all these forgers weird …

Kordel’s Arthritis Foundation Malaysia Charity Walkathon 2009

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