feline arthritis
Have you tried Syn-Flex for feline arthritis?

My 16 yr old cat Kelsie arthritis. I tried Cosequin for cats. It was ok, but it was still in pain. After research and talking with a veterinary technician, I refuse him, but the EFF prescription drugs at this time because of side effects. Arthritis was the only disease other than a bad tooth that needed to be removed. It was wonderful for her age. Anyway, I tried to Syn-flex because I read it controls the pain better. It is safe for cats, dogs, horses and people, with almost no side effects. Kelsie is doing great. It plays again and is even happier and he has been over a month. I ask this question "in because I want others who have cats with problems common to find it. I tried long before I found him. My husband is too, and really loves. It costs about $ 28 a bottle.

Thank you for this information. He was very kind of you to put this out there for the benefit of others.

Whitty the Kitty p2 in Feline Hydrotherapy @ Integrative Pet Care

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