rheumatoid arthritis disease
Rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, lupus?

Joint pain began when the winter began. It began in toes of my right foot and then went to the other foot, the wrist, and in about 3 months, made his way to almost all my joints. I hate that its so painful. I am only 23 and Im moving like a year 80 old woman. Im waiting for blood work to come back. And Im scared, I two babies and would not leave. Anyone have any ideas?

I regret that you have all these problems are so young. First, a couple of questions. Have you traveled anywhere you may be exposed to ticks that cause Lyme disease. Have you seen a bull's eye rash at all anywhere? The Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete, Treponema pallidum, which is closely related to syphilis, they are both spirochetes. I think? This was a while since I was in school. My stepfather lived in Upstate NY and he got Lyme disease without even knowing either. It was bad. He did not go see a doctor before having neurological symptoms. Lupus can affect more women than men. Have you a rash cutaneous form of butterfly? RA is also a possibility. This is why they did blood work to test all three. I would definitely try to be patient, I know it sucks to wait a week for results. Hey, even in the ER we could not rush the tests, you can make STAT but they are still sent to the laboratory. These three diseases are things that many people live with daily. They are all manageable. With your doctor, drugs, & A few changes in lifestyle. Lyme disease disappears after treatment, lupus & RA are manageable. I know many people living with lupus and work normally. My coach when I was younger doing WinterGuard had lupus, I have never met a woman working hard! You're a mom, I know you're a tough guy. I wish you the best and tell us how you do and feel.

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