septic arthritis symptoms
What is septic arthritis??

I did the auditor symptoms on my five years, symptoms cousins and I think she may have. Any comments from you doctors out there?

Well, septic arthritis is a disease rather rare but important that affects the joints usually monoarticular. Septic arthritis is an infection inside a joint that is caused by bacteria. Septic arthritis may be difficult to diagnose in early stages, but all forms of arthritis, septic arthritis is the most aggressive to rapidly destroy a joint. In addition, septic arthritis causes pain moderate to severe joint just a few hours few days. We refer to this as the acute onset. If it has an abrupt onset of a common risk factor for any so, your doctor must test for septic arthritis. So, basically, a needle is inserted into the synovial fluid and synovial fluid removed and sent to the laboratory. The fluid is examined under a microscope to identify the bacteria. But the most important test is to measure the number of white cells in the fluid, due to an infection in the joint causes the white blood cell count to be extremely high. His doctor also needs to have an X-ray, because X-rays are used to detect problems in the joint. Her doctor will prescribe an antibiotic right immediately, but antibiotics alone may not get rid of septic arthritis. Therefore, the liquid in the joint may need to be emptied at least once a day to remove the pus. To what extent does your septic arthritis responds to treatment will depend on a number of factors. The more important question is how she got treatment quickly. DIMA PGY-I YEAR

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