natural arthritis
What natural herb, oil is good remedy for arthritis?

To relieve swelling, pain and stiffness

Ok Here are some pills you can purchase at your health food store that can help you: Boron 3mg daily did not exceed this amount, take bromelain as indicated on the label 3 times daily, glucosamine sulfate taken as directed on the label, pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) 500-1000 mg per day of evening primrose oil taken as directed on the label to be twice daily before meals, sea cucumbers taken as directed on the label, the silica as shown in police cells as indicated Biotec Foods, Vitamin E 400 IU daily.Eat alfalfa sprouts it essential mineral for bone formation, cat's claw (you can buy in pill form or tea bags) is good for relieving pain, low fever (pills or tea) and ginger (fresh is best) is good for aches and pains. Cayenne pepper is good because capsaicin as it inhibits the release of substance P (a neurotransmitter responsible for communicating pain sensations.) capsaicin can be absorbed through the skin, buy mix wintergreen oil with cayenne and make a paste, apply on painful joints. It May Sting but with repeated use it reduce. You can also buy spray in form.Eat pill foods like eggs, asparagus, garlic and onions because they contain sulfur. Sulfur is needed to repair and rebuild bone, cartilage and connective tissue also aids in calcium absorption. Other good foods are green leafy vegetables that provide vitamin K, fresh vegetables, non-acidic fresh fruits, whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice and fish.Eat foods such as rice, wheat and rye contain these histidine. Histidine is good for removing excess metals in the body, Many people with arthritis have higher levels of copper and iron in the body. Eat fresh pineapple (good source of bromelain) is coupon inflamation.IT MUST be cool! Eat some form of fibers like ground flaxseed, oat bran or rice bran per day. Reduce the amount fat in your diet. Avoid dairy products, red meat, caffeine, citrus fruits, paprika, salt, monosodium glutamate, tobacco and sugar.This ago much to take in I know that's life I live because of my lupus. If you want a better understanding of why you should eat and avoid certain foods, please send me an e-mail.

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