ortho arthritis
You have pain intermittent, mild to very severe daily. It became debilitating, hands, neck, shoulders

Back spasm of the muscles on the rib cage, lower back so bad, I can not stand, bend, walk for 10 minutes, left heel (plantar fasciitis), but I treat him for over a year w / no relief. Saw ortho docs for the hands and feet in vain. Rheumatologist ran blood work which came back negative for arthritis. Hand surgeon believes it is probably a "systemic connective tissue" and indicates that you may suffer arthritis, even if blood work is negative. No, there was an idea that I could have? and / or suggestions for how I might approach my next visit to the rheumatologist? Or suggest another specialist?

I suggest you look into a pain clinic can be very very useful for you to get all the answers you need and save you the pain and anguish you are experiencing, I did not graduate but also provide ongoing verification of lupus. I received the epidural steroid injections in my spine for exactly the same problems that you described and I suffer from systemic lupus. Best wishes in your medical travel do not give up it took me 8 years to diagnose what they doing was trying to keep me as comfortable as badly with painkillers in the meantime, many thoughts and prayers for you. God Bless Kerrie Ann

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