tylenol arthritis strength
Did you tylenol tylenol arthritis and pills are the same?

I work in a pharmacy-pharmacy and just discovered that I pay more money for arthritis strength tylenol drug and Super is the same drug. " The only difference is the people cap.So remove easily save your hard earned money and stick with tylenol Strenth super. I ed that bad if we get carried away by the words on a package that we are spending more money. Take care all, we are being ripped off every day with everything.how sad that we can not trust anyone. "

This is called niche marketing and it can actually be regarded as performing a service as well. There are dozens of products on the shelf and most people are totally ignorant about the ingredients. They are simply Looking for something "to help my arthritis." They see a bottle said that and find what they need. So from this point of view, others are served.

KneeRelief Painter

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