arthritis symptom

Arthritis is a group of difficult situations such as pain and inflammation of more than one joint in the body. The joints may be a problem painful, tender, hot and swollen especially during movement. Arthritis can cause too much pain and could turn off a patient. Unfortunately, this type affection is not yet curable. It can be medicated and medication are often focused on the management of pain. However, a person may prevent arthritis by keeping the body flexible while administering natural remedies.

Drink enough water. Water supports in the prevention of arthritis by lubricating the cartilage and joints so you can have a lot of movement. Also, water makes joints most effective shock absorbers. Anyone who is required to consume each day at least 10 glasses of water. An individual may also try to drink a spice Joint East Indian known turmenic a potent factor which is curcumin. It reduces the attack of joint pain by suppressing inflammation in our body.

Intake of vitamin C is also essential that can also help to combat arthritis by helping the body to produce enough collagen, an essential component of cartilage. It is advisable to take one tablet of 500 mg single day. You can also eat cinnamon which is a solid substance known hydrochalcone which helps remove blockages and May binding leading to arthritis. This is advantageous when mixed with hot milk or sliced apples and eat them every day is best. Studying yoga exercises can also prevent arthritis by keeping joints flexible. You can easily practice yoga daily.

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