arthritis of the hands

Arthritis is a cluster of conditions, including disease and inflammation of more than one joint in our body. The joints of concern may swollen, tender, painful and warm especially during action. Arthritis can cause severe pain in May and suffers damage. Unfortunately, this kind of disease is still incurable. It can not be cured and drugs are generally concentrated on the administration of pain. But anyone can fight against arthritis by keeping the body flexible while using natural treatments as well.

Consume plenty of water. Water AIDS Prevention Arthritis plucking cartilage and joints so that a patient can also move smoothly. Again, the water makes the joints protections shock more effectively. It is necessary to drink about 10 glasses of water each day. A substance that can also be tried is the turmenic, a spice East Indian who has a substance called curcumin strong. It limits the onset of joint pain in suppressing inflammation in the body.

Intake of vitamin C is also essential that can also help to combat arthritis by helping the body to produce enough collagen, an essential component of cartilage. Usually, one tablet of 500 mg each day is taken as instructed. A person may also eat cinnamon which is an essential component called hydrochalcone that supports the sediment and remove barriers that cause arthritis. This is the perfect solution when is mixed with hot milk or apple slices and you can eat this everyday reality. Work on the exercises of yoga can also stop arthritis providing adaptability joints. We can literally perform yoga exercises daily.

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