Anyone suffering from back pain knows all too well how difficult exercise can be. The problem is that some forms of exercise make the problem worse, and may well have caused the problem in the first place!

Any exercise which involves jarring motions will transmit the force into the discs in the back. Your spine is made of many bones each separated by a pad normally called discs.

These discs get compressed by jarring type shocks causing them to become flatter. At a certain point they become extremely thin and expand outwards onto the nerves, a condition called a “Herniated Disc”

This motion results in pain. Prolonged repetitive shocks can cause permanent damage and this is also made worse by age.

Some types of exercise are a particular danger to your back and are highly likely to result in this type of damage. In addition, they may also damage your knees and hips. A recent study showed an alarming increase in hip replacements. Whereas this was often more of a problem in your 50’s and 60’s, it is now being seen in people in their early 40’s. The research showed that until about 5 years ago, Rugby was the main cause of premature hip and back problems. However, this has been overtaken recently by Karate, Taekwondo and many of the “harder” martial arts styles. Constant over extension of your joints or breaking solid object results in a whole chain of joint damage throughout your body.

Running is another sport associated with high levels of joint problems, particularly with knee and back pain. The best exercises for people with back pain tend to be cycling, walking or swimming so long as they don’t cause pain.  These don’t cause the same kinds of stresses on the body. For people who do get pain with these, Tai Chi has an excellent track record with hundreds of studies showing that it can help manage and heal these sorts of injuries.

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