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A few weeks after childbirth, brood bitches sometimes develop a kind of breast infection called mastitis canine. This type of infection is not common among canines women, but owners should still take precautions when their pets are diagnosed with this disease.

When the puppies are weaned too early, it can cause infection lactating canines. Another factor would be constant scratching clutches of puppies on the breasts of the mother. Other dog-related infections can also affect this condition.

Signs and symptoms

Normally, dog breast care nurses are warm and enlarged because of the mammary gland, which develop inside the dog's system of nursing. One of the physical symptoms of mastitis canine is that the breasts of lactating dogs turn red or dark and painful to touch. However, if infection becomes severe, the symptom of a dark segment of the breast is even darker or black hard cover and extremely painful breasts.

An outstanding brood bitch canine mastitis is more likely to have fever and appear weak. It may also lose May appetite for food. Due to pulsating pain in the chest, they are very sensitive to the touch and not let their children near them or even cure them.

Treatment of mastitis Canine

If you own a female dog is lactating, be sure to check on the mammary glands for any indication a breast infection. Once the symptoms of mastitis canines are present, bring your pet to the vet immediately. The canines will be discussed and prescribed antibiotics when the dog is diagnosed with this infection. In this case also, the owner will be advised to make a distribution manual or power assisted.

You could ask your vet if it is good to have the nurse canine her puppies even with infected breast when the fever goes down. It is said that feeding at the breast affected do not harm the puppies. In fact, it even cleans the mammary glands and may eventually lower the level of infection. To be sure, however, it is always best to seek professional advice from experts animals.

Antibiotics will be very useful to relieve pain and prevent an event invariable infection that mainly affected breast will create open sores on the sides. Remember to request the assistance of the veterinarian to perform a cleaning of the wound and how administer antibiotics.

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