Black currant herbal supplements are made form black currant which found in damp woodlands growing as far as middle of Scotland. However black currant was originally found in Yorkshire. Black currant oil is used to make black currant herbal supplement. Black currant oil contains a fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid which our body converts to prostaglandin which is a hormone like substance. The reason black currant is used in black currant herbal supplement because prostaglandin has anti inflammatory properties and also considered to have blood thinning properties. Black currant herbal supplements are also known to have properties which cure people with rheumatoid arthritis.
Parts of black currant plants are used to make black currant herbal supplements which have medicinal properties. Leaves of black currant plant help cure rheumatic and inflammatory conditions. Black currant herbal supplement are also used to cure diarrhea. These supplements are used as rich source of gamma linolenic acid which is used to cure chronic inflammatory and other conditions such as eczema, mastalgia and diabetic neuropathy. Patient who are unable to convert their essential fatty to gamma linolenic acid are advised to use black currant herbal supplements, as black currant is a high source of these acids and helps control these disorders.
There are no known and recognized side affects of these black currant herbal supplements. However this is a debatable issue as some research shows that these black currant herbal supplements can cause hepatotoxicity in humans and animals.
Black Currant herbal supplement are usually in form pills and capsule or also in clear liquid form. These black currant herbal supplements have 1000-1300 mg or more of oil. These pills are taken in usually taken in quantities of 3-12 pills day and are known to be vary effective in controlling the ailments of these patients. Black Currant herbal supplements are also known to have anti oxidant properties.
The juice extracted black currant is also help in curing inflammation in the throat. Black currant jellies are also known to be effective in curing common cold. These drugs prepared with black currant are known to have been helpful in curing aliments that cannot be cured using the normal drugs. Herbal supplements are known to be more affective as compared to other chemical drug and also have lesser side affects. Herbal supplement however are best taken after consulting a physician and confirming that you do not have any allergies with these drugs.