When you hear the word obese what comes to mind? People who are severely overweight are generally ones first thought when they hear that word. Obesity is a state that a person is in where their health can be in danger from having too much body fat. With the extra weight on your body, you can put yourself at risk for such problems as; high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis and even sleep apnea.

With those possible conditions alone, it is important to get your weight down to a healthy level, even if you do not have any of the above mentioned conditions. Make changes in your life before obesity takes it toll on you. If you continue to carry a great deal of extra weight around you can end up with any number of the above conditions.

Body Mass Index is what professionals use to tell if a person is obese. This is a combination of your weight and your height measurements that will give your total Body mass Index. You are considered obese if your BMI is greater than 30. You are considered at risk for health problems. The amount of BMI for people of Asian race is 27.5, any higher than that and your health may be at risk.

There are plenty of websites that have interactive tools that you can use to figure out your own personal BMI. Many people do not realize that where they carry there is weight is just as important as the extra pounds that they carry around. For instance, people who carry their weight around their middle part versus their hips seem to be more prone to having health issues.

Men with a waist size bigger then 40 inches have a higher chance of disease where for women a waist size that is more than 35 inches are at a higher risk for disease. For people of an Asian race their chances are greater for disease with a smaller waist. For the men a waist size of 46 inches or more is a risk and for the women with a waist size of 32 inches or more puts them at risk

It is said that main reason for obesity is that people eat more in calories then the daily recommended amount. When you do that your body can’t process the food, fat and nutrients as fast as it should and therefore it stores the fat. It can also be due to a medical issue or medications that you may be taking. The best bet is to talk with your doctor for the best advice as to what you need to do to loose weight.