Back cracking is a practice that could lead to some serious health concerns. Most of us who are into this habit do not realize that the back consists one of the most complex skeletal frameworks in the human body. The ribcage and the spinal cord are meshed together to create a stable and flexible mechanism to help us perform a wide range of tasks.

The skeletal structure of our back is a most complex system with many parts that have to function well in co-ordination for a trouble free life. The flexibility of our back allows us to be more productive in physical tasks and gives us the convenience of staying erect as a normal way of life. The joints in our back serve the purpose of connecting the vertebrae together. The back joints also link up with the skull in the upper region of our spine.

With the improvements in technology and communication methods, we have slipped in to an inactive lifestyle. Some of also tend to adopt a bad back posture when we sit on our office desks daily. While stretching our back after prolonged periods of inactivity we have a tendency to indulge in back cracking. Cracking the back by swiveling on our hips while having our feet securely planted and by flexing the shoulder blades to crack the joints of the upper spinal column are the two commonly observed types of back cracking.

The joints in our back make some popping or cracking noise during the course of their normal actions. Back cracking is not good for us as we are forcing our joints to forcibly realign themselves. Another concern is that the vertebrae are not easily replaceable like the knee joint.

The practice of back cracking is to be specifically avoided as the vertebrae in our spine serve as a protection mechanism for a vital bunch of nerves. These nerves are a crucial link for conveying the relevant locomotion messages from our brain to various other parts of the body. You even stand a very real risk of changing the position of your vertebrae if you crack your back frequently.

There is no permanent cure to back cracking but there are several treatment methods that aim at strengthening the muscles and tendons. This treatment aims at eliminating the triggers that cause you to crack your back. Some other revolutionary treatment methods that use a laser to repair the micro tears in the muscles around the affected region have also been approved in recent times.

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