Clicking jaw is a condition in which your jaw lets out a clicking sound when you move it. In some cases you may also experience a mild discomfort along with the popping noise. If this happens once in a while you could probably let it go, but if it is a frequent occurrence you may have to take steps to avoid the problem of a clicking jaw.

To understand the solutions to the clicking jaw concern, let us have a brief look into the system of bones and muscles that make up a human jaw. The muscles that are present in the jaw work in perfect harmony with the mandible (jawbone). The jawbone is also one of the few joints in our body with lateral flexibility (sideways movement). It is also one of the most used joint structures in the body as we use it for speaking; eating etc. the muscular and skeletal systems present in the jaw have to be in peak condition and have to work in perfect harmony for the smooth functioning of the jaw.

One of the most common causes of the clicking jaw problem is that some of us have a tendency to clench our teeth. This usually goes unnoticed as we do it in our sleep. The grinding of the teeth causes the joints in the jaw to deteriorate. The first signs of this habit are visible to the dentist, who sees the excessive wear in the teeth. This is why it is essential to go for a complete checkup twice a year. Many problems like clicking jaw can be nipped in the bud as your dentist would give you the necessary advice and refer you to a specialist if necessary.

The other most common reason for the clicking jaw problem is muscle wear. The jaw muscles do not work in unison if they are overworked and this generates additional stress at the joints (they are not able to move evenly). Over time you may start hearing clicks when you move your jaw because of the uneven movements of your muscles, something similar to the rattling sounds that you may hear in a poorly maintained vehicle. In such cases, the doctors would take corrective actions to replace the worn out parts of the joints in the jaw.

You can avoid the problem of clicking jaw by reducing the strain on your jaw. Some of the practical steps that you can take are to avoid chewing gum and reduce the consumption of foods that are hard and chewy in nature.

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