Joints pain can affect any joint in the body but is more common in the weight bearing joints such as the hip, knee etc. These weight bearing joints are those which are most at work when we extend our limbs for going about our normal activities.

The hip is the major weight bearing joint that is subject to huge wear and tear and any damage to this joint will cause severe joints pain. A hip replacement is designed to relieve pain when the joints pain is not relived by anti inflammatory medication and do not allow us to effectively perform day to day functions such as walking; climbing stairs etc. If the problems with joints persist over a long time without subsiding, it is better to stick to a low impact exercise regimen.

Inflammation of bone and cartilage at a joint will result in pain, swelling and restricted movement of the joints. The most commonly affected joints are the knees and the elbows. The only non invasive treatment for this condition is to rest the affected joint until the inflammation is gone. Sportspersons often suffer from tears in the cartilages because after a twisting movement there is a sudden pain and the joints become unstable causing joints pain. When there is a disruption of blood supply to a section of bone inside a joint, the bone starts degenerating and causes joints pain.

Some common exercises to keep the joints healthy and avoid joints pain include walking and gentle cycling. These exercises will not put too much pressure on your joints. Some type of flexibility training such as yoga may help to prevent further injury to your joints. Avoid jogging on hard surfaces if you have joints pain. Hard surfaces are not particularly kind on the joints in the knee, ankle and hip. If you like to jog regularly, you can choose an area that is grassy or sandy as these surfaces place the least amount of stress on your joints.

Our body’s vital support system consists of the network of bones, muscles and joints. If we take good care of them, we can lead a strong, healthy and happy life. Good posture is the correct alignment of the bones and joints. If your joints are out of alignment, it can gradually cause joints pain and disability if you do not pay heed to the warning signals sent out by them.

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