Repetitive strain injury overview

Repetitive Strain Injury (R.S.I.)

occurs when muscles, nerves or tendons become inflamed or irritated. RSI is often reflected in people who have developed arthritis as a result of sports or workplace injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, for example. It is caused by performing repetitive motions, using excessive force or using extreme movements.


  • Repetitive tasks – small, rapid movements that are repeated over and over. Jarring actions also at as a catalyst and make the condition worse.
  • Sitting or standing in uncomfortable postures – especially where you do not move Lifting regularly.
  • Lifting or shifting heavy objects – particularly when usingslots of strength.
  • Insufficient time to rest between exertion.


  • Tightness in limbs such as hands, wrists, fingers, forearms, elbows or shoulders.
  • Tingling or coldness in hands.
  • Difficulty in coordinating hands or other limbs.
  • Pain.


  • Get your position correct at your desk
  • Take regular breaks
  • Stretch and practice relaxation techniques
  • Check your alignment and avoid brute force. Sliding, rolling and leveraging objects is a better approach.

Steve’s Comment

There is a blur between RSI and Osteoarthritis. There are a number of professions where either can be a very real threat. Workmen using pneumatic tools are an example where repetitive movement, vibration and excessive stress are placed on joints do cause serious wear and tear.

The best solutions to try and undertake less damaging work. However, supplementation can also be very useful. Our guides provide a list of many potent joint rebuilders.

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