Rheumatoid arthritis causes
Rheumatoid Arthritis is thought to be caused by an over-active immune system which is simply too sensitive and mistakenly identifies the tissue in our joints as a foreign invader and sets out to destroy this.

Throughout the last 40 years there have been regular announcements of “Miracle” treatments for all forms of Arthritis. With unfailing regularity, almost all of these has proven to have a wide range of side effects which are often worst than the Arthritis.

There are other gentler, natural treatments that have been shown to be at least as effective and that posses none of the side effects.

There are a wide range of underlying causes that have been identified that trigger or aggrivate arthritis. One of the commonest is simple food allergies. There are many studies that show simply by eliminating a particular item from your diet, can reduce or remove Rheumatoid Arthritis. The most effective approach for this form of arthritis is to identify which of the 15 basic causes are causing the overreaction and then either eliminate this or use a moderator to reduce the issue. Treating the symptoms is ineffectively and does nothing to address the root cause which unfortunately is how arthritis drugs tend to work.

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