Many people often look up “back knee pain” on google, or whoever other search engine they may be using. We believe that we have discovered the secrets to reducing pain in the back and knees using an exercise regimen.

“Back knee pain” causes discomfort and stiffness which can limit the scope of our everyday activities and make even the simple task of walking more difficult. A physiotherapist may advice regular exercise which relieves pain and increases mobility in people who have “back knee pain”.

Massaging the affected area with suitable creams and lotions available over the counter creates a soothing effect. Anti inflammatory gels when applied regularly relieve pain and swelling in the affected areas of the knee and back.

Knee injuries as a result of indulging in sports activities causes “back knee pain”. The activities that put you at more risk of “back knee pain” are extreme twisting and turning as a part of game play. This places high demands on your knee joints. Try to avoid activities that involve these types of movements. Anti-inflammatory drugs should be used on a temporary basis to suppress inflammation, swelling and stiffness. You should not use these drugs for the long term as they are only pain relievers and do not cure the root cause of the problem.

Stretching exercises help to relieve pain and improve mobility in sufferers of “back knee pain”. Serious damage to the knee joint such as a fracture can also be the cause of “back knee pain”. This restricts your movements when compared to the range of movements that you had prior to the fracture.

However much we try we cannot avoid stress on our bodies due to the hectic lifestyles that we lead. As a result we are subject to pains and aches especially in our back and knee joints. If you ignore the “back knee pain”, it can lead to some very serious health concerns as you grow older. The cartilages which are between the bones in the knee joint can tear when the knee is twisted while it is bent or partly bent causing “back knee pain”.

For long term results to ease “back knee pain”, you have to get the advice of a physiotherapist. Along with medication to counter the swelling and inflammation, a physiotherapist may advice you to exercise daily to increase the flexibility of the joints and strengthen the muscle groups in the affected regions. Please bear in mind that the exercise regimes you choose to alleviate “back knee pain” should not be ones that involve weight lifting as this may prove to be counterproductive to your efforts to manage pain in your back and knee.

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