Do Toxins cause Arthritis
When faced with arthritis pain its best to go to the root of the problem. Amongst the many possible causes of arthritis, certain types of arthritis have been connected with the build-up of harmful toxins in the joints.  Toxins are able to build up in our system due to poor circulation which can be caused by many factors including poor digestion, lack of exercise and diet. They often lodged in the joints as these tend to have restricted circulation to flush them out.

They cause inflammation in the soft tissues that cover and protect the joints. To clarify, if your body is not producing an adequate amount of blood, your circulation is poor or  the lymphatic system (effectively your drainage system!) is weak, the fluids in the joints begin to stagnate. When this happens, wastes and toxins which would normally be eliminated through the kidneys and skin, build up in the fluids and causes swelling in the joint eventually leading to pain and stiffness. You would probably feel most of the pain in the lower joints like the knees, ankles and toes because your body’s blood circulation would get slower as it gets further away from the upper body.

Where arthritis is concerned, our diet plays a big role in maintaining a healthy system.

A diet packed with heavy toxins will more than likely compromise your heath and aggravate your arthritis. Your first objective is to adopt a diet which will reduce inflammation of the joints and provides you will all the nutrients and essential fatty acids for a healthy body.

There are many options available to alleviate the symptoms and let you live a pain free life. You don’t have to live the rest of your life in agonizing pain. Even though exercise is the last thing that an arthritis sufferer wants to do, simple movements will really do you good. The key factor is to keep your joints mobile in order to improve your circulation.  Just taking a simple walk, swimming or riding a bicycle can give the joints enough mobility to keep painful joints and stiffness at bay. You can do many simple stretching exercises such as arm lifting, arm rotating and touching toes in the comfort of your chair and even bed. What’s important is that exercise becomes part of your regular routine.

Movement stimulates the Lymph system and helps to expel these toxins. The irony is that a lack of movement will make the condition worse. Our joint and tendon exercise book shows another approach to improve circulation with easy, simple exercises.

Yoga has also been known to improve arthritis significantly with regards to the body’s circulation and more importantly in connecting the individual with the mental and spiritual side of the body. Yoga therapy focuses on the roots of illnesses instead of trying to fix the symptoms. Not only can yoga aid in cleansing and purifying the body and mind, but it provides the much needed joint movements.

Other alternatives include the consumption of supplements in the form of non-toxic herbs which assist the body to detoxify and eliminate harmful substances such as environmental toxins as well as internally generated toxins through the liver, bowels, kidneys, skin, and lungs. It is also advisable to consider following a certain cleansing or elimination programme such as fasting, colon hydrotherapy, saunas, lymphatic drainage techniques and homeopathic detoxification to decrease the body’s toxic load. Messaging the affected areas can also offer much needed relief.

Be sure to be gentle with your body. Excessive stress and tension will only cause more pain to your joints. So take it easy and remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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