Pain in the knees can mean many different things to each of us as there are different causes of the problem. The treatment that is involved to reduce the pain depends on the cause. The first step is to identify the cause of the pain; it can be de to the inflammation of the knee joint or the weakness in the surrounding soft tissues. Stretched or torn muscles of the knee can lead to painful knee joints.

As we grow older the bones around the knee become weak due to osteoporosis or other related weakness in the bones. This can cause joint problems and sometimes a fracture in the knee cannot be ruled out. Minor tears on the outer layers of cartilage in the knee, which protects the knee joint and takes the force of impact on the knee, heal by themselves in a few days just by resting the affected area.

Sometimes surgery is required to treat the knee pain. Generally patients recover well after surgery. But, since the cushioning effect on the knee is reduced, the wear on the cartilage and other connective tissues present at the bone ends increases. Therefore, there is all the probability that such persons may face an increased risk of arthritis in the future.

Over the counter medicines are available to make you feel better if you experience knee pain. This is especially useful if the pain in the knee is in the initial stages where the damage to the joint is minimal. This also means that the surrounding connective tissues have not been affected by the condition.

To avoid the painful condition, you have to take particular care to avoid all activities that place unnecessary stress on the knee joints. If your daily activities include a lot of bending and squatting, where your legs do not get any rest, you have to wear knee braces to prevent further damage to the knee joints.

If chronic inflammation of the knee joint is the cause of the pain condition, a medical practitioner will recommend that you try one or several treatment protocols to ease the pain and to stop the progress of the inflammation in the joints and the surrounding areas. This is one aspect that will bring in pain relief to people who have weight in excess of recommended limits, especially the elderly.