acute gouty arthritis

Gout is a very painful form of arthritis that occurs due to the accumulation and crystallization of uric acid in the body. This accumulation of uric acid crystallization Later led to crystals of uric acid, painfully marked to be deposited in the joints of the body especially the big toe. Other Uric acid deposits called tophi can form lumps like under the skin and kidney stones can also develop as a result of this condition.

For most people who are likely to get gout, the big toe is the body part that suffers most. when inflicted to drop the big toe is extremely painful and sensitive, sometimes even become hot and swollen. Gout during the night can be severely painful, waking the patient until it happens.

Gout occurs in four distinct stages:

Step 1: asymptomatic hyperuricemia

No symptoms are felt in this first stage of gout in which the uric acid levels begin to rise. If high levels of uric acid are not streamed, so he started to precipitate out of blood and crystallize in the kidneys and joints.

Stage 2: acute gouty arthritis

Acute Gout the second stage and the stage where the drop begins to interfere with the body. The uric acid levels reach a point that blood can keep it in dissolved form and begane to crystallize and deposit itself in the joints. Pain and swelling then occurs. The acute attacks of gout usually happens at night and can last for weeks time if left untreated. These attacks may become more severe and prolonged if there is done about them.

Step 3: intercritical gout

After the attacks have subsided a person enters this third stage in which the immune system begins to stabilize itself and prepares for more attacks of uric acid crystals that are still alive. Although the absence of symptoms during the third phase, if a person gout does not receive help at this time, the disease is becoming increasingly difficult to control.

Step 4: chronic gout

This is the single most serious and most destructive of the state and can cause permanent damage in joints and kidneys. The affected joints may deteriorate, causing extreme crippling pain. In some more extreme cases, this step may even lead to kidney failure and death.

Like many other chronic diseases, gout is a disease that can build on itself and become worse if not treated in its earlier stages. Noticing the warning signs early and see a doctor, you can catch the drop in its early stage and reduce the chances of having to go through the most disabling last.

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