Hyaluronic acid is a little know tool for fixing joint pain.
If you suffering from joint problems, you have probably tried a variety of treatments to reduce the pain and swelling. If you haven’t come across hyaluronic acid injections, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor about the available options. It is also an ideal option for patients who want follow and more natural approach to their healing with fewer side effects.

Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in all living organisms and is a common component of the spaces between the cells of body tissues. It occurs naturally in our joint fluids. Hyaluronan is a thick protective liquid responsible for creating a cushioned environment for our joints. It lubricates and reduces friction between bones so that you have pain free movement. It is also a sort of shock absorber since it decreases the impact you feel when you walk.

Because people suffering from joint problems have thinner hyaluronic acid and thus experiencing pain when they do activities, the best solution is to replace the hyaluronic acid by injecting it straight into the joint as a means of providing temporary pain relief. Supplements of hyaluronic acid are a more recent version and have been found to also stimulate the body’s own production of hyaluronic acid. Increased hyaluronic acid production relieves joint pain and inflammation and promotes healing.

Hyaluronic acid joint injections are quick and relatively painless. The procedure is simple. Hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the cavity around the knee joint. A typical course of treatment is one injection a week for three to five weeks. They can help keep the pain away for 6 months to a year and sometimes longer. If you are considering using hyaluronic acid, try and have an open mind, since it works better in some people than others

The advantage of hyaluronic acid joint injections is that the side effects are mild with the most common one being swelling and discomfort at the site of the injection. So if your other only option is surgery, hyaluronic acid injections are worth a try. The injections are expensive so it’s best to consult with your medical aid to see if they are going to cover you.

We are currently researching the effectiveness of some new and exciting products based upon this which may avoid the need for injections. Please watch this space!

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