There are many things you can do to avoid sharp knee pain. These include reducing the stress on the knee joints and maintaining an active lifestyle. You must also focus on a healthy diet. Regular exercises will not only help you to remain in your ideal weight range but will also strengthen bones and joints and keep them mobile.

The pain and stiffness in the knee joints limit our ability to go about our daily chores. If you experience sharp knee pain, try to avoid standing for a long period of time. Take frequent breaks from work and rest your leg on a stool at home or in your workplace.

We find that many people have painful knee joints and this is mostly due to arthritis. The front and sides of the knee tend to be painful. The affected joints become tender, the stability of the joint decreases and there is an inflammation around the joints causing sharp knee pain.

A number of prescription drugs are available to relieve sharp knee pain. Anti inflammatory drugs are only to be used for short term pain relief, to suppress inflammation and to reduce the swelling ands stiffness of the knee joint. These drugs may cause side effects if used over long periods. If you have any long term pain in the knee it is advisable to seek the help of a registered medical practitioner.

If you experience sharp knee pain, it is best to avoid activities that place a lot of stress on your knee joints as the knee will not be able to protect itself from the excessive force that it is subject to while performing activities that require a great deal of physical effort.

Your therapist may be able to show you activities and therapeutic exercise routines to improve your joint function and mobility and also recommend simple ways such as warming packs to help you to manage the sharp knee pain. The warm water soothes painful joints while exercises help improve flexibility and strength of the muscles. When your joints are painful it is important to keep your joint in a moveable condition to avoid the loss of muscle strength.

You will also need to find an exercise level that keeps you in an active state without worsening the sensation of sharp knee pain. A physiotherapist will be able to design exercise programs that will help your knee joints as well as improve the overall health in the rest of your joints.

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