Straightforward knee pain exercises
When you are suffering from knee pain, it can literally bring your daily activities to an abrupt halt and leave you a bit helpless. What ever the reason is for the knee pain, it’s a relief to know that some knee pain can be treated effectively at home and by making a few adjustments to your routine. You may have even already seen a doctor about your knee pain and he might have suggested a few exercises for you to do at home. These exercises are not meant to stress your knee further, but rather to strengthen the muscles that support your knee.

One of the most important things which people forget is the value of stretching.  You should always begin your training with a nice warm-up to get blood flowing to the tissues followed with stretching to prevent tight, over-stressed muscles. Flexible and relaxed muscles are not likely to stress easily or tear as much as tight muscles.

  • To strengthen the quadriceps, simply lie down on your bed and do straight leg raises. You can bend the other leg slightly. Then repeatedly raise your other leg. This will strengthen the quadriceps. If you get bit tired after doing this exercise 10 times, then relax for some time and proceed further. If you are felling a bit fit, then try putting weights on your legs and continue with the leg raises.
  • You can also try quadriceps strengthening contractions: You basically sit on the chair. Extend your legs with your heels to the floor. Keep knees straight as much as possible and tighten your thigh muscles. Hold for count of 10 and relax. Do 10 repetitions. You can do this several times throughout the day. You can build up to 2 or 3 sets of 10 repetitions at a time.
  • Hamstring strengthening contractions: Sit on a chair with your heels on the floor. Do not move your heels but pull back on them. You will feel tension in your hamstrings. Hold the position till you finish counting 10 and then relax. Repeat this 10 times.
  • Hamstring strengthening curls: Lie on your stomach and place the left foot on the back of your right heel. Slowly pull your right heel towards your buttocks while creating resistance with your left foot. This exercise helps to contract and strengthen the hamstrings. Hold the position until you count 10. Repeat this exercise 10 times with each foot.

Walking backwards also helps to develop the hamstrings. When walking backwards, your weight is distributed more evenly, resulting in less strain on your knees. Another effective exercise in stabilizing the knee is to stand on one leg while holding onto a chair. Hold for as long as possible, then switch legs. As time goes by you should be able to do this exercise without holding on.

When your knee pain is gone, you will have to rethink the type and length of training regime you want to do. There are numerous exercises that you could try that are low impact exercises, such as swimming, walking, cycling, and yoga. More than anything, you’ll need to be patient when doing your knee exercises. The knee pain won’t just go away overnight. But if you are continuously experiencing knee pain and have a very limited range of motion, or are not sure which knee exercises are safe for you to do, it best to see a physical therapist.

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