The Toxicity of drugs often makes arthritis worse.

Often, the only time we are aware of drug toxicity is when we start developing unwanted illnesses a result of taking prescription drugs.  This is when your body suffers an overload of drugs in turn causing internal dysfunction to vital bodily organs. We must continuously remind ourselves that drugs are not supposed to replace food. We should rather treat them as chemical concoctions which are capable of altering the body’s normal chemistry. And as such, should be treated with caution. After all, as Paracelsus noted “All substances are poisonous, there is none which is not a poison; the right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy”
– Paracelsus, circa 1538

Everyone feels safe in the knowledge that pharmaceutical companies are doing their best in delivering the safest and most effective medicines. We are comforted by the labels we read listing all side effects related to that particular drug. Often, that’s the end of our scrutiny of the drug and we consume it without any worries, very ill prepared of the conditions which might arise as a result. Some take a day some months and some years to resurface and by then it is impossible to point out the root of the problem. Many of these conditions may be cancer.

It is true that most drugs are quite toxic and have a wide range of side effects attached to them. Based on your condition and your body’s sensitivity, the toxicity of the drugs can range from a minor aches and pains to major health altering conditions. As expected, taking heavy drugs for extended periods will affect your body negatively. You body gets tired from the constant bombardment of foreign chemicals and your immune system starts to weaken, leaving you unable to flush out the chemical toxins, thus causing them to build up inside your body.

Having too many chemicals in your system can bring on many serious conditions such as arthritis and many other joint related illness.  It is important to have a look at any medication you are taking to monitor toxicity levels. Often the dose needs minor adjustments. If you are feeling unwell, or you have certain ailments coming up as a result of your medication, you should consult your doctor immediately.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with drugs and supplements of any kind is to follow the prescription you have been given. You need to maintain a respect for medications, and use them only when it is necessary. The decision to take long term medications should be carefully made and natural alternatives explored first.  A lot of the time, no one even knows the toxicity levels for consuming drugs over long periods. It’s possible that they might do more harm than good.

Think of the medication you are currently taking. And ask yourself if there is a natural alternative that exists that is much safer and has none or few side effects. Your body will thank you for it.