Rhuematoid arthritis is helped by cupping therapy
We found a very interesting news item about Cupping Therapy and its effectiveness for treating arthritis. Cupping is found in many alternative therapies ranging from holistic treatments, Chinese and Asian medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and many more.

The full news item can be found at: http://www.naturalnews.com/026089_arthritis_rheumatoid_arthritis_cupping.html

Steve’s Health Answers Comments:

This is a wide spectrum of treatments for joint related problems and you’ll need to have a very open mind about some of these methods. These treatments have been sourced from all over the world and have worked for many of the people concerned.

The point in this article is to explore many natural options before using chemical medications. More than anything we need to build confidence in the individual’s ability to treat a common condition without going to the doctor for medication. Frequently the system of health is fear based and creates uncertainty among individuals when it comes to natural treatments. Fear brought on by trusting other people with our health more than acquiring the knowledge for our selves and practising it.

These are the very treatments which have used for hundreds of years. We as individuals need to start taking control of our health and seek information for ourselves so that we can become better informed on the natural available options out there. Which there are plenty of!

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