The knee joint is a hinge joint that is held together by a set of strong ligaments and serves as a link between the thigh and the lower leg. The knee joint is therefore one of the most utilized joints for moving our bodies along with the hip joints. A large number of conditions can affect the lower leg, like injuries, fluid retention, etc. causing inside knee pain. The specific symptoms of problems associated with the knee joints are also varied but mainly fall under the category of aches and pains and a general lack of joint mobility.

Inflammation of the ligaments is one of the main causes of inside knee pain. Arthritis of the knee is another common ailment that can cause pain in the insides of the knee. The episodes of inside knee pain are characterized by a shooting sharp pain that is felt in the inside of the knee (towards the back of your leg) while walking or bending, causing a serious disruption in your ability to be mobile. You are likely to feel a severe loss of function in the affected knee joint.

A heavy blow to your knee or a recent fall that has affected the stability of the knee joint can also be the cause of inside knee pain. A pulled muscle or a muscle strain can also cause inside knee pain when the area is used after a period of inactivity. In such instances, you may feel pain while trying to move or straighten the leg.

When the knee joint makes a movement outside its normal range, the ligaments that stabilize the joint are stretched in excess of their elasticity resulting in inside knee pain, inflammation and swelling of the knee. The ligament injuries can now be treated by a series of injections that stimulate the body to produce more ligament tissues eventually increasing its strength. When the medication reaches the affected site, the surrounding muscles quiver vigorously to protect the knee joint from further damage.

The commonly accepted treatment protocol for inside knee pain is to relax the muscles so that movement can be restored in a graded manner to allow sufficient time for the ligaments to heal themselves. This treatment can be supplemented by massaging with gentle controlled movements. Using a good massage oil helps to relive inside knee pain. Stretching exercises are recommended by medical practitioners to stretch tight ligaments.