Heavy work which involves too much standing and moving your knee with a rotating action is bound to affect your knee joints, making it rigid and tense resulting in side knee pain.

To avoid side knee pain we have to maintain well balanced muscles around the knee to protect the knee joint. Poor posture places a large amount of stress on the muscles around the knee. Over a period of time the repeated stress serves as a contributing factor for increased muscle fatigue. A stooped posture can also interfere with the functioning of the knee joints and accelerate the incidence of side knee pain.

The way you walk or run, i.e. your gait, is very important for the balance and stability of your weight bearing joints as you move. You have to hold your body upright to avoid wasting energy and to avoid side knee pain. Leaning too far forwards or back while walking or jogging can place unnecessary strain on the muscles that aid in the functioning of the knee joint.

Painkillers may help initially to relieve side knee pain. But the underlying cause of the pain has to be identified by a physiotherapist by testing out each of the muscle groups. The physiotherapist will arrive at a diagnosis and then recommend specific conditioning exercises to strengthen the affected muscles so that further instances of side knee pain can be avoided. Relaxation techniques such as an intense massage session or a warm bath can help to keep the muscles supple and receptive to conditioning.

One of the common causes of muscle damage in the knees is incorrect choice of footwear. Footwear that is ill fitting can transfer extra pressure to your knees while you walk or run resulting in excessive muscle strain around the knees. A pair of comfortable shoes can be used to balance your body weight while walking. You can avoid side knee pain by making sure that you get a new pair of shoes when the soles of the existing footwear have undergone a certain amount of wear.

Once you have taken some measures to treat side knee pain by improving the muscle tone, you have to be concerned about the continued health of the muscles. You could try out a regimen of gentle yoga exercises to improve the flexibility of the knee joints. Yoga also helps to maintain strong, well balanced muscles that protect the knees.

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