Boron can prevent arthritis
There is increasing evidence that links the lack of boron in the soil with the increasing incidences of arthritis cases. This trace mineral which previously has not had much publicity is increasingly gaining popularity in arthritis research due to its critical role in reducing the symptoms associated with bone strength and joint related conditions.

The reason why boron is so important is because of its ability to aid calcium, magnesium and vitamin D absorption which are essential for strong healthy bones.  This is vital information for arthritis sufferers as this means that a diet deficient in this very crucial trace element can lead to weaker bones and severe joint pain. Boron is able to decrease joint pain significantly and empower the body’s natural ability to absorb essential nutrients.

Boron has been proven to reduce joint inflammation, repair damaged cartilage and connective tissue, reduce pain and stiffness and increase flexibility in the joints. Another study showed the link between bones adjacent to joints with arthritis. They found that the bones with less boron increased the pain in the joints. This is evidence proving that boron can offer much needed support to healthy bone density and relieve joint pain.

We should be getting enough boron from our diet as there are many fruit and vegetables which contain this trace mineral. Boron can be found in plums, grapes, avocados, nuts and legumes and many other vegetables. Sadly most of the diet consumed today, has small amounts of boron to make a noteworthy impact in our bones and joints. This is due to the boron deficient soils that our food is grown in. And quite simply not many people eat enough fruit and vegetables to get even a small percentage of it.

And what’s more, many forms of boron supplements do not contain the easily absorbed form of boron making it hard for calcium and magnesium to do their job. Instead they are flushed down in our urinary system. Even most medicines given to alleviate arthritis and bone conditions, do not work simply because they don’t have boron in them!  The absence of boron in bone health supplements may contribute to the epidemic of low bone mass, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis that afflicts so many aging adults, even those who use the commercial supplements.

The solution is to find natural occurring boron which can be easily absorbed by the body. If the boron supplement you are considering taking is the natural occurring kind found in fruits and vegetables, it’s a step in the right direction. By eating organic fruits and vegetables you can also increase your intake of nature’s boron.

If your doctor is prescribing any joint related medicinal drugs, be sure to inquire if they are familiar with boron and its benefits. Check the amount of boron in your medicines and consult your doctor to have your medication re-evaluated to include the right kind of boron. When your bone and joint health is concerned, it’s best to get as much information on boron benefits as you can so that your condition can be effectively treated.

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