Elbow pain and what to do about it!
Elbow pain can be caused by a variety of problems especially when active people are involved. Since the elbow is one of those complex joints which enables a variety of movement, injuries can also be quite varied. Most elbow pain comes from people who play racquet sports as they are more likely to injure the tendons on the outside of the elbow. If there is repeated pressure on the elbows or continuously carrying heavy loads, this will most likely cause eventual pain.

If you are experiencing elbow pain constantly even when you are not using your arm, maybe you should have it checked out. It can make doing simple tasks very challenging and unable to position your hands properly. It can actually hinder a whole range of movements including opening the fingers, making a fist or straightening the arm.  While some elbow pain can be treated quite effectively at home using ice packs to reduce inflammation, some elbow pain might be a sign of an underlying problem.

Tennis elbow is probably the most common causes of elbow pain. This can be caused by overuse or there may be partial tears of the tendons which connect the muscle to the bone. Usually you will experience inflammation and soreness in and around the elbow. Extension of the wrist against resistance increases the pain.

Arthritis is also a common cause of elbow joint pain classified by swelling and tenderness of the area. In this instance joint pain is usually caused by degradation of the cartilage and supporting joints. One might also experience a bit of stiffness with very little mobility.

A more traumatic injury is a fractured elbow joint.  When the elbow joint is fractured you will feel severe pain immediately after the injury. In some instances there may be damage caused to the joint cartilage. There will be local tenderness in the elbow joint along with reluctance to move the joint due to pain. This should be checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

Golfers elbow is also a common overuse injury. It is also commonly known as a pitchers elbow or little league elbow. There is general pain of the elbow joint when there is resistance against wrist flexion. The pain is on the muscles in front side of the elbow since you use these muscles to twist the wrist when playing golf.

The ligaments which hold and support the joints can sometimes tear and cause an injury called ligament sprain. In certain circumstances, when an injury in the bones of the spine aggravates the nerves in the arms, the pain gets transferred to the elbow.

Depending on the kind of elbow pain you have there will be various possible treatments. Try bracing the knee for extra support or use hot and cold therapies. For minor pain, message can help ease tension to the muscles. Taking pain killing drugs and inflammatory medication should be done cautiously. Your doctor may also suggest flexibility and strengthening exercises. Often the best thing to do is just give the elbow a rest and resume activities when the pain is gone.

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