Tennis elbow is a medical condition that is usually caused by an inflammation of the tendons attached to the bones in the elbow joints. This injury to the tendons is prominent among the tennis players hence the name. The first line of treatment for tennis elbow is directed towards controlling the inflammation in the tendons and decreasing the discomfort felt by the patient. Tennis elbow surgery is resorted to only when the initial treatment program fails to give the desired results.

The first requirement that has to be met with if a patient is recommended for tennis elbow surgery is that he or she should have undergone an extensive treatment for remedying the condition. This is to ensure that the patient is not subjected to surgery before exhausting other less traumatic options. Usually the surgeons recommend that you consult them only after four to six months of conventional treatments and therapies.

The surgery tennis elbow is a minor surgical procedure and does not require the patient to stay in a hospital for a long period, the patient is discharged a day after the surgery provided the recovery is steady and without any complications. Immobilization of the joint is necessary to ensure proper healing and recovery after the surgical procedure is complete. The surgeon may also recommend a heavy dose of painkillers for a couple of days so that the patient is free from any pain following the tennis elbow surgery.

The tennis elbow surgery procedure is primarily directed towards restoring the strength in the tendons associated with the elbow joint so that the connective tissue remains in good condition even when subject to repeated stress due to the activities that use the elbow joint. There are different surgical methods that can be adopted to achieve this. If the damage is limited to a small area, the surgeon may remove the inflamed tissue to eliminate the problem.

Sometimes the surgeon may discover that the damage to the tendons in the elbow is quite extensive. This would necessitate the removal of large parts of the connective tissue which would then have to be replaced by bio-elastic material to enable the patient undergoing tennis elbow surgery to be free from similar problems in the future.

While recovering from tennis elbow surgery, you should take care to follow a system of strengthening exercises so that the connective tissue is retrained to perform the supportive role when you move your arms using the elbow joint.


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