Fluoride aggravates arthritis
Many of the so called “health authorities” have been adding Fluoride to our drinking water since the 50s when the advocates of fluoride won the battle for its inclusion in our public water supplies. Fluoride occurs naturally in many of the foods we that eat as well as the environment and soil. It occurs in trace amounts and we are adapted to consuming these amounts in our diets. A certain amount of fluoride is essential to keep our teeth and bones strong.

You might think that this supplementation is a sensible idea. However, since the addition of fluoride to our drinking water there has been a directly related increase in the number of bone and joint related health problems recorded over the last 50 years. Numerous studies in different countries shave been conducted over the threat which fluoride poses to diseases such as arthritis, bone cancer and dental flourosis. Interesting the countries that decided not to add fluoride to the water have experienced similar decreases in dental treatments such as fillings as achieved by those who added fluoride. These improvements have been attributed to better standards of oral hygiene and not to the addition of fluoride shooting down the main argument advanced to support its addition.

Where the added fluoride content was 1.5mg, hip joint sufferers reported an increase in pain and stiffness while drinking fluoridated water. The risk of bone fracture increased and it triggered more serious health problems, including damage to the brain and thyroid gland!

Skeletal fluorosis is another bone and joint condition is associated with prolonged exposure to high concentrations of fluoride such as the ones found in drinking water. It causes fragile bones to have lower tensile strength. It is not easily recognizable until it reaches its advanced stage. In its early stages, its symptoms may resemble those of arthritis. Fluoride decreases bone density and appears to aggravate the growth of osteophytes present in the bone and joints, resulting in joint stiffness and pain.

Further studies have now confirmed a dramatic increase in bone cancer in young males exposed to fluoride during growth of the bones and a 5% increase in all types of cancers in fluoridated communities. Fluoride also can have a deleterious effect on bone growth and cause premature joint and ligament ageing. Because fluoride causes bones to become brittle they are more prone to experience more fractures. Joints which occur around diseases or fractured bones are evidently affected.

The conclusion is that we do not really need fluoride in our drinking water as it carries too many risks that we cannot overlook. There are many misleading facts regarding fluoride and one needs to be weary of profit seeking companies who persuasively promote the consumption of fluoride. A number of years ago a book was published called “The fluoride conspiracy”. This is a factual account of the various games that were played and the deliberate misinformation around the benefits of adding fluoride. This is a frightening book and would be worthy of an x files episode if it wasn’t true! This is still available and is well worth reading.

If the water in your area has been fluoridated there are certain filters which will reduce the amount of fluoride in water. Many of the standard jug filters won’t remove this. You tend to need a distiller, although there are a number of commercial products designed delibrately to remove flouride and disinfection by-products. Some people may have also access uncontaminated spring water. Pure drinking water is a precious resource and we need to what we drink to safeguard against many of today’s more serious health problems.

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