Margarine is bad for your health
The question is not so much whether it should be banned. It’s an appeal to producers of this toxic “stuff” to immediately stop the manufacture of margarine and stop persuading everyone to consume it. Margarine has no nutritional value whatsoever and yet it is a huge part of our daily diet. It is a non-food! Margarine does little or nothing of what it says it does on the packaging and on top of it, margarine has been liked with a wide range of serious diseases which could only be prevented by eliminating it from your diet.

It may seem harsh, after all margarine has been at the heart of the anti-cholesterol age in the 40s and 50s and has many people who would swear by its ability to reduce cholesterol. But studies going back as far as the 1940’s have shown that the benefits cited by the margarine manufactures have been anything but true.

The make up of margarine is mostly trans fatty acids which are created through a high temperature refining process called hydrogenation- which is the process used to solidify liquid vegetable into a spread. It is this very process and at these high temperatures that basically damages all essential fatty acids from the vegetable oils and produces the toxic substance that is margarine. As much as we need essential fatty acids for human health; in their damaged or rancid forms they become extremely harmful. It is so toxic in fact that some has proclaimed margarine to be just one molecule away from being plastic! Quite alarming I have to say.

The main reason why margarine is so bad is that it has a “stacking up” effect, which means that it sits in our system and clogs up all the vital systems in our bodies namely,  the colon, arteries, blood vessels and  causing a whole range of diseases to surface. Since trans- fats don’t occur in nature, our bodies don’t know how to deal with them effectively and they act as poisons rather than food. They unfortunately wind up in cell membranes and other places they shouldn’t be.

Studies have shown the amount of fatty acids in our red blood cells to be as high as 20% when the figure should actually be zero. This is a serious problem. As you might expect, a percentage as high as this can be the cause of joint pain and aggravation of arthritic conditions because of increased irritability and inflammation cause by the clogged up cells. Margarine can cause brain and eye degeneration, heart disease, cancer as well as many other free-radical-related diseases. By weakening the cells it causes poor organ function which leads to an exhausted immune system susceptible to various diseases.

The biggest irony is that margarine was recommended for people with heart problems when it has been known since a Harvard medical study in 1940 that butter is a much safer choice! The medical profession is not know for its speed…..

Try finding a healthy substitute like organic butter or ghee. Even though butter also has its drawbacks, the body identifies it as a food and therefore has a better chance of being digested by the body. Avocado can also be a good substitute for butter, if you really need to spread something on your bread. Other great options are coconut oil, olive oil and nut butters and oils. Avoid heating them up and opt for using them in their cold state instead to reap the full benefits.

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