causes of arthritis

According to the University of Virginia Health System:


After walking for 6 hours a day, five or six days a week for twenty years, my tear patellar tendon, have been made for this and just see the years fly by as we all do, that's where I was. The knees were bone on bone, my kneecap right 1 / 3 worn, ill all day and night if I did not take some sort of pain killer every four or five hours.

What do you do? Just keep going and take pills for knee until finally completely worn out and you'll be sitting on a chair or get the knee replacement. At least that's what I thought and that's what I intended to do.

Until. Up that a friend shared something with me that I might be nuts. Steve sure it will work! (sarcastically) But what I have to lose? Nothing, just this pain in the knee, so I tried. He was right and I was wrong, he already worked! On the air with knee pain and felt even at sixty, as I did in my thirties, no pain! Amazing, but true.

I would enjoy you help achieve that same level to feel good without drugs or prescription painkillers of any kind. Get in touch and we'll help you get started too.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis affecting the knee. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative process where the cartilage of the joint wears out gradually, and often affects the Middle Ages and the elderly. Osteoarthritis may be caused by excess stress on the joint such as injury Repeated or overweight.

Rheumatoid arthritis can also affect the knees by causing the joint to become inflamed and the destruction of cartilage of the knee. Rheumatoid arthritis often affects persons at an earlier age than osteoarthritis. About the Author:

Doug has been dealing with knee and back pain for over 20 years and now at sixty feels better that anytime over those 20 years. Finding the proper balance of nutrition has brought me from 40 ibuprofen each week to zero. Head over to my website to find out what that is.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comMost Knee Pain is Caused by Arthritis

What Causes Ankle Arthritis?

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