Natural supplements are essential for your health and getting enough vitamin D
The Daily Mail and several other newspapers reported a study which warned of the dangers of taking fish oil and multi vitamins that could cause dangerous levels of Vitamin A and D. Although these are essential to your health, high levels are dangerous to your eyes and liver.

Unfortunately, the research fell short of giving the information that you really need. There are hundreds of studies showing that low levels of Vitamin D are linked to a whole range of illnesses including cancer. To further complicate this, the recommended daily amounts (RDA’s) are often based on the minimum that you need to be healthly, which is frequently nowhere near the optimal amounts to promote health. Many of these studies were originally looking at the minimum levels to prevent rickets & scurvy. Information about the right amounts to take has always been more difficult to obtain.

Much of the problem originates from 2 causes:

  • Fish Oil & Cod Liver Oil. During the summer, so long as you get a reasonable amount of exposure to the sun, your body will make all the vitamin D it needs and automatically regulates its levels.However many people take fish oils as well and can end up overdosing of vitamin D. Your body’s regulation mechanism can only reduce its own production and not stop this supplementation! However oils derived from fish are a very valuable and easily absorbed form of Omega 3 which is essential to stay healthy. Cod liver oil contains much higher levels of Vitamin D and is better suited to the winter, particularly if you live in countries like the UK that have much less sun in the winter. It’s better to switch to a lower strength Fish oil supplement for the summer as soon as you start getting any exposure to the sun.
  • Synthetic Vitamins. Most of the vitamin supplements sold on the high street are close to useless. They mainly get flushed straight through your body and come out in your urine. If this changes to a bright yellow after taking vitamins, you can be sure that little is being absorbed. Natural sources of vitamins are far, far more effective, being better absorbed and more available to your body. There has been some debate about whether some vitamin tablets are toxic and it is largely due to their synthetic nature and also being combined with too much vitamin D from Omega 3 supplements.

The problem in the background is that modern farming methods are solely concerned with producing large quantities of food at the lowest possible cost, ably aided by the supermarkets ruthlessly exploiting farmers by offering prices beneath the cost of production. The end result? Basically, there is little regard given to quality and the food lacks the nutrients essential for optimal health. It’s little wonder that so many people are dying prematurely from a whole range of ailments that were very rare even a hundred years ago.

Supplementation is not an option. In fact, it is the only way to protect your health and ensure that you live a long life. The challenge is to get hold of natural supplements that provide the missing nutrients in a safe, easily absorbed form. Fortunately this is fairly straightforward! My recommendation is to find a good supplement such as “Mega Greens” or similar products on the market. These are created from organically grown ingredients and carefully balanced so that you get the key ingredients to look after your body. I have personally been using these for a number of years and found that they made a noticeable difference.

For more details have a look at TNT from nature’s Sunshine or Ultra Greens from Dr Al Sears. Both of these are great products and thoroughly recommended.

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