Where two of your bones meet is called a joint. They are linkages that permit the free movement of different parts of our bodies.

As we get older, our natural repair processes become less efficient which can result in many aches and pains. However, there are also many other factors such as diet and exercises patterns that can have marked effects on our joints.

Most pain tends to be caused by jarring motions, wear & tear, overactive immune systems, medication, allergens and a lack of proper nutrition. Some people are just unlucky and have inherited these problems.

Arthritis tends to become more of a problem as we age. Over 100 different types have been identified although many of these have common causes and indeed it is difficult to distinguish between some types as they are very similar.

Very often pain in our joints is linked to repetitive movements. Particular sports such as Karate, Taekwondo, Rugby and Running are associated with early joint problems due to the extreme nature of the stress they place on your joints. Almost any motion that is repetitive has the potential to cause Osteoarthritis; particularly of it is coupled with violent jarring or twisting

Calcium is key nutrient for out joints, but the calcium contained in diary products is contained in a form which our bodies struggle to absorb. It does not provides the right components for repairing our joints and also leads to calcium deposits in our joints which causes a problem called calcification which damages our heart and joints. It can also cause stiffness which makes our joint inflexible.

Many common items can aggravate or cause joint pain and these include caffeine, refined carbohydrates, fried fats, meats and many additives. This is such a problem that one well known American Doctor advocates eliminating these from your diet instead of taking drugs as it often fixes the problem!

Although Arthritis has been described as the leading cause of disability in the west, there are many ways to determine the underlying causes and do something about them. Just taking a drug to mask the symptoms is far from the best way to deal with your condition!