The elbow is made up of two joints. The main elbow joint is a hinge joint. The movements at the elbow hinge joint help us in bending and straightening the elbow. The second joint in the elbow is a pivot and its function is to aid in the rotation of the arm. Disorders of the ligaments, tendons and muscles that stabilize and help to move the elbow joint may require treatment of the elbow pain joint.

Due to inflammation of the elbow joint, the movements that require the assistance of this joint are restricted and this causes elbow joint pain. The elbow is the most common site where the cartilages can be damaged due to injury or when there is not much blood supply to the area.

A sharp twitching pain is felt in the elbow joint and if you experience the pain frequently, it is better to consult your medical practitioner for treating the elbow pain joint. The medical specialist may prescribe a course of anti inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain. If there is swelling in the area, placing a heat pack is likely to give relief from the pain and swelling.

Rheumatoid arthritis affects the elbow joint frequently and can require attention for the elbow pain joint. This is due to the swelling of the synovial membrane, specifically the cells of the synovium (the thin layer of protective cells that lines the joints) surrounding the elbow joint. This may cause irritation to the nerves of the elbow joint and also to the cartilage covering the ends of the bones.

There is a chance of the bones suffering from damage if the elbow pain joint is left untreated for a long time. Generally the pain at the elbow joint persists for a long time causing stiffness of the elbow joint and restricting mobility.

A physiotherapist will advise you and help you to devise a program to carry on your routine work without straining your elbow pain joint. Taking frequent rest between strenuous activities will give sufficient rest to the elbow pain joint.

To maintain the strength of the muscles of the elbow joint, it is absolutely necessary that you strictly adhere to a regime of muscle strengthening exercise as advised by your physiotherapist or a recovery expert. Relaxation techniques and other therapies like yoga are also effective in easing the severity of the discomfort in the elbow pain joint.

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