The elbow is a typical hinge joint in the human body that is lubricated by a thin layer of synovial fluid. Inflammation of the synovial membrane causes a painful swelling in the elbow. Continuous jarring of the elbow joint causes pain and stiffness in the elbow. Any discomfort in the elbow or a persistent pain in the elbow after a fall should be subject to elbow treatment by a medical practitioner.

An examination of the affected joint may have to be made suing the medical imaging devices to reveal the exact condition of the elbow joint. The general elbow treatment for common disorders of the affected joints is an absolute immobilization of the joint to give it complete rest from the many movements that it makes during the course of a normal day.

A number of conditions can arise within the elbow which may cause damage to the bones, tendons or nerves. Arthritis frequently affects the elbow joint. There is pain and swelling in the area surrounding the elbow joint. If elbow treatment is not taken early the surrounding bones may also get damaged.

Lost mobility in the elbow joint may now be restored by replacing the damaged joints with artificial ones made from alloys of steel and plastics that do not react with the tissues of the body. This course of elbow treatment is recommended by the medical practitioner only if all other forms of treatment have failed to yield the desired results.

Sometimes the elbow joint becomes inflamed and swollen with the retention of fluid around the joint. The medical practitioner may start the elbow treatment by sucking out the fluid with a syringe. Further medical care of the treatment elbow may include a course of antibiotics to prevent infection and specific medication to bring back the lubrication in the affected joint.

Tendons in the elbow become inflamed as a result of excessive strain especially during sports related activities. The diagnosis is based on the symptoms. Rest and anti inflammatory drugs are generally recommended as a part of the elbow treatment in these cases.

Elbow treatment to alleviate the pain in the joint is becoming more effective with the introduction of revolutionary treatment methods like the use of lasers to recondition the affected tendons. So, people suffering from disorders of the elbow joint can get relief from pain if they do not delay consultation with a medical practitioner.