Several techniques of repair and transplant have been developed in the field of knee surgery with varying degrees of success. For meniscal repair, a surgeon attaches sutures to hold the edges together. After serious types of ligament injuries the mobility of the knee joint is restricted. Mild ligament injuries usually heal well. During knee surgery recovery, you will need to commit yourself to a program of rehabilitation and should take care to be free from infection during the post operative period.

A total knee replacement or half knee replacement is performed by the surgeon depending on the extent of degenerative damage that your knee has suffered. Half knee replacement is a procedure that is performed if only one side of the knee is damaged. Patients who have undergone this procedure show a quick knee surgery recovery and are able to get to get on with their normal lives within a short period.

Most artificial knees will last ten years or more. Subsequent surgical procedures may be less successful than the original surgery. So, knee replacement is advised for older patients who are less likely to need replacements. During knee surgery recovery, you will be given pain relieving drugs and a course of antibiotics to prevent infection from setting in the joint.

You can try walking the day after the invasive procedure as a part of knee recovery surgery. The physiotherapist will assist you in recommending a specific exercise routine that you may have to follow for resuming the movement in your knee joints. Knee surgery recovery rates vary from person to person. After two weeks you may be able to move about using crutches and within six weeks you may be able to manage even climbing stairs without straining the area around your knee joints.

It is essential that you practice knee strengthening exercises regularly during knee surgery recovery to maintain the stability of the knee joint. You should take care of your knee and protect it from damage for a period of six months from the time of the surgery. This will ensure that the knee surgery recovery is complete. It may take some more time for the knee to get back its full function.

You must follow an exercise program to strengthen and stretch the muscle groups that support the functioning of the knees to maintain the stability of the joint during knee surgery recovery.

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