Tai Chi can help seniors improve their flexibility and bone density.

As you get older it is important to maintain a healthy level of exercise to keep the muscles supple and fit. Older people will succumb to degenerative diseases such as arthritis without finding any real solutions to ease their suffering. Even exercises recommended by the doctor may seem too strenuous and in some cases do more harm than good. It’s no wonder that many stop any form of exercise all together when in fact exercise is exactly what the body needs.

Tai Chi is one of the few exercises which are highly beneficial for all age groups especially seniors and joint sufferers. It is made up of specifically chosen movements created to strengthen the body from within and increase physical fitness. Tai Chi is an ancient form of martial art that merged health practices and flexibility routines that encourage the complete well being of the body and spirit within.

Over the years there have been numerous benefits associated with practising Tai Chi regularly. Part of the reason why Tai Chi for seniors has become so popular is because it uses low impact movements which reduce the risk of injury. The movements are slow and light while also targeting specific muscles groups within the body. And the best of it all is that you can do it all at your own pace.

The result is increased stability and an improvement in motor skills and coordination which is essential as one gets older. By increasing your balance, Tai Chi cuts down on falling accidents which are one of main cause of injury among seniors.

Among the many benefits of Tai Chi are increased flexibility of movements from the spine to the knees and hips. This is fundamentally important in maintaining the health of joints and bones. Another positive aspect of Tai Chi is that people experiencing joint pain or arthritis can work through their pain to ultimately enjoy pain free movements.

Tai Chi can be said to be an anti ageing exercise as studies have shown that doing Tai Chi regularly can slow down the ageing process. This may also be due to the extensive breathing training practised during Tai Chi which brings in vital oxygen to degenerating cells and aids in rejuvenating them.

Tai Chi is a holistic form of exercise which will aid in a number of common ailments ranging from sleep problems and mental problems to reducing high blood pressure and stress. It can also be said to be an active mediation which concentrates on healing the human body from the inside out.  The benefits can be enjoyed by all age groups and contribute to having a better quality of life full of energy and vitality.

A local class is ideal, but if one isn’t readily available, we have found a DVD of a form of Tai Chi that is aimed specifically at joints and arthritis. The great thing about this is that it is easy to learn, requires minimal space to practice, but definitely makes a difference. I know quite a few people who really like this form and found it makes a great difference to flexibility.

It is based upon a style called Sun Style Tai Chi which merged Tai Chi with breathing exercises called Chi Kung. It was created by a Chinese expert called Sun Lu Tang in his 50’s as he wanted something that he could practice for the rest of his life. He succeeded and it is probably the fastest Tai Chi form for getting results. You can get this DVD from Amazon. Please click on the image for more details.


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