Here is the round up of some of the more interesting arthritis related videos that we have seen this week.

These items cover:

  • Stem cell treatment for Arthritis in Dogs
  • Pycnogenol and its role in treating arthritis
  • Aquatics For Arthritis
  • Prevention important for arthritis

Here is the first video

Regeneus – stem cell treatment for arthritis in dogs – Channel Ten News

Regeneus breakthrough stem cell therapy for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis

Arthritis Pain – Fox News Report

Fox News recently featured a report on Pycnogenol (pine bark). The report highlights the benefits of Pine Bark. Pycnogenol potent anti-inflammatory properties has been shown in recent studies to reduce arthritis pain.

Hayden – Global News Aquatics For Arthritis

Brent Hayden and Dr. Ron from the Arthritis Society sit down with Global News to promote Swim BC and The Arthritis Society’s Aquatics For Arthritis Fundraising event

Empowered Health News | Prevention important for arthritis A new study, published in the Journal Arthritis Research and Therapy, has shown exercise beneficial in reducing or preventing the pain of osteoarthritis. This study followed two groups of women, both of whom were previously free of joint pain, one aged 48-55 years, one aged 72-79 years. Questioners determined the amount of physical activity and timing of the onset of symptoms which suggested osteoarthritis, like stiff or painful joints. The physical activity was …

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