Smoking is shown to make arthritis worse.
New research has confirmed that Arthritis gets worse if you smoke. We all know that smoking is bad for us and causes life threatening diseases. Now there is even more concrete evidence that smoking affects the way the body receives medication or treatment especially in arthritis patients. As if we didn’t know this as well.

When treating any form of disease in the body it is essential to evaluate present and past lifestyle habits that may be the cause of your present suffering. This study shows even if you are no longer a smoker the precursors of arthritis are already in the body and can present themselves later on as we get older.

In short, smoking makes your body weaker in dealing with disease and in fact aggravates certain diseases which take advantage of an already weak immune system. When undergoing arthritis treatment of any kind, the mindset should be to bring together all the vital systems of the body for healing to occur. If arthritis sufferers are serious about getting well, they will make the necessary changes to their lifestyle instead of engaging in activities which impede progressive healing.

Much can also be said for second hand smoke which may be as dangerous as smoking and emphasizes the importance of creating an environment of healing around you. This is the only way that the body can receive the treatment it deserves.

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