Spring Forest Qigong is a great way to improving arthritis.

Qigong & Arthritis

Ancient Chinese Qigong consists of various exercises which seek to increase energy within the body through mind exercises and moving mediation techniques. The role that Qigong plays in overall health of arthritis patients is a very important step towards discovering the healing powers within us all. By harnessing the mind and body, Qigong can effectively increase blood circulation throughout the body resulting in stronger joints. It can reduce stress and relax the nervous system.  When you are suffering from severe arthritis pain, achieving a certain degree of calm can be a pleasant starting point to improved health.

In Qigong the ‘Qi’ plays a very important role in the crucial processes within the human body. Therefore it only makes sense to concentrate on restoring the circulation of ‘Qi’ in order to treat illnesses and preserve health. That is why Qigong focuses on the mind and breathing exercises to promote the flow of the ‘Qi’ and restore the balance. Unlike popular physical exercises which are muscle based and burn energy through active motion and heart beat acceleration, Qigong internalizes the work to be done through breathing regulation so as to create and store energy within the body. The body then uses this energy where it is needed.

The advantage of Qigong for patients experiencing lots of pain from arthritis is that it can be practised while sitting quietly, standing or lying on your back or side. The main objective is for the individual to be calm and comfortable. The general techniques used in Qigong include:

  • Meditation which can be both still or with movement
  • Gentle movement which puts little or no stress to the joints
  • Self massage which has very easy techniques to do to relieve tension and pain
  • Acupressure point stimulation
  • Energy healing exercises for the internal organs to improve general metabolism and the immune system.
  • Much attention is paid to posture correction
  • Stretching exercises which are done according to the individuals pace

The techniques are easy enough for everyone to do them regardless of age, agility or pain. Qigong aids in stimulating the mind to create balance within the different functions of the body so they may work together in the healing process. This multi faceted approach ensures a stronger and harmonious internal system which produces enough energy, has flexible joints and a healthy mindset.  Without a doubt, Qigong is one of the best treatments for arthritis.

Spring Forest Qigong, an easy to learn Qigong with proven benefits

The very best Qigong course that we have come across is called Spring Forest published by Learning Strategies. There are literally hundreds of people who have recovered from all manner of ailments from using this form of Qigong. This course makes it easy to study from home and is beautifully presented. I learnt this myself a number of years ago and have been very impressed with its results. For more details, please see the Spring Forest Site.

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