Arthritis can be helped by aquatics
Normal exercises can cause a lot of stress to joints especially in people who have recently gone through knee replacements, are overweight or have arthritis. Any movement can be painful. That is why aquatics are highly recommended for arthritis and joint sufferers. It should also come as no surprise that arthritis sufferers respond well to aquatics, after all, our bodies are made of almost 80% water. But it is the combination of water and movement that makes aquatics the ideal exercise regime for arthritis sufferers.

The benefits of aquatic therapy far outweigh the benefits of exercising on land. Here’s why:

  • Water cushions the body in water so that the weight or strain put onto the joints is immediately relieved. In other words you become lighter.
  • The extent of exercises which a person with arthritis can do in water is far greater than land because your joints feel less pain in water and can do more movements without feeling a lot of pain.
  • All exercises are low impact and very effective
  • Aquatics keep joints flexible, maintain muscle strength and build overall stamina
  • There is a notable decrease in pain and stiffness in all the affected areas which results in improved mobility
  • Aquatics have the ability to promote quicker healing of injuries because of increased blood flow to the damaged tissue

The objective of aquatic therapy is to counterbalance the arthritis symptoms by aiding to increase the mobility and specifically the range if motion of the individual. Time and again arthritis patients will resort to joint replacement options as a last resort to their suffering. With aquatics, this doesn’t have to happen. Joints and muscles become stronger and more flexible decreasing the need of walking aids, assistance from carers and hospital stays.

Psychological benefits are often overlooked and can play an important part in restoring one’s overall health.

  • Social interaction while sharing similar experiences can be highly uplifting when you’ve been bed ridden at home unable to perform any movement or go out
  • An increase in ones self esteem to the point of self motivation to do more activities
  • A renewed sense of independence. You’ll need less help and can perform more daily tasks by yourself and making you feel more in control of your body’s actions.  Feeling helpless especially when feeling pain can hinder a lot of development.

Water has always been known as a healing agent in its own right. Combining water, heat and movement creates a more potent healing force for the whole body. It is a safe, ideal environment arthritis sufferer to regain their mobility.

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