shark cartilage arthritis
Has anyone heard about the treatment of shark cartilage (for people with arthritis?)?

Hey: D for those of who suffer from arthritis, that you may reap great benefits. Even if you do not hae arthritis, bad joints just as good to read: D Long story short .. my toes were badly because of some sought of arthritis .. and just another day, I found it in a magazine .. heres the link to their website .. … squalene, (Product) im now .. just not sure I want to say that can never be 100% totally believe things on the web these days, but .. im going to see my doctor and see what he says. Has anyone heard or used themselves what kind of treatment? THanks: D

There biomedical research being processed in this area. This includes that you mention. If Please people, it's just still in the research studies including arthritis and antibiotics for allocating diseases and disorders. Someone new leaks always like that, and the results vary. The news has been out for a long time now. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon only knowing full original studies behind the scene. Dan and Ada Rice are just one of many contributors to this area. They are also involved with other treatments for animals too. They established a set of Rehab Center Rehabilitation and Treatment Institute of Chicago, one major nations treatment centers in all treatments, including spinal cord and the area mentioned by some named here. Jump to Wikipedia and do a search on them or the Institute of Chicago Center for treatment and they should have their name again. Please do not look at some info and just jump in with both feet in it. Your doctor may not be aware of these treatments now, but some experts are totally zoned in. Everyone needs to try and research the latest treatments, especially when they've never heard before. Maybe arrange some things for certain, but everyone has extenuating circumstances and other health problems. Treatment must be done in conjunction with the physician and relevant specialists. I really hope that everyone considers info for themself, but only after doing research to that you run into a cul de sac. This is where your doctor comes in too. Before starting something new in consultation with them to ensure it is safe for you. Good luck and God Bless

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