I think firstly it is important to understand that as humans we are more vulnerable than we think when it comes to our immediate environment. We are constantly interacting with our environment on a microscopic level and many of the things we subject ourselves to can be harmful to our health.

Insecticides have always been a controversial subject to speak about. But it is important to be aware of the dangerous substances inside your home that have the potential to harm us just by using them. You must remember that we are part of an ecosystem within our homes and the very substances used to kill smaller life forms can affect us as well.

If you are suffering from a certain illness, your immune system is already compromised and can find it hard to fight off harmful substances entering the body. Often, creating a healing environment when recovering from an illness is the last thing on our minds. However we’ll be aiding the healing process if we start eliminating all potential hazardous activities done inside the house.

Arthritis can be aggravated with constant use of pesticides in the garden and indoors. A lot of the residues of these substances give off chemical reactions long after they have been used. A chemically clean environment is not necessary the safest environment.

Maybe start investigating ways of substituting the chemicals and pesticides you are using for less toxic and natural alternatives. They have a feel good factor which works with the natural systems and will not harm your body.

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